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Girl student at Discovery Trails Early Learning Academy looking through a magnifying glass.

Discovery Trails support all types of learners, and we especially know gifted and talented.

We create an atmosphere that not only supports understanding of all types of learners but encourages the seeking of understanding. We introduce themes designed to “start the wheels turning” by presenting information, then experiential, hands-on activities support the lesson by getting children moving, thinking, and doing. During the course of each day, children are offered individual learning time that includes the teacher and the student in a one-on-one setting to work on skills and interests that are specific to each individual child. Children construct a sense of wonder and excitement in learning as they build confidence in themselves as people and lifelong students.

Is your child gifted? 

Several studies have found that parents are fairly accurate at identifying when their preschool-aged child is “exceptionally bright” or “gifted.” Some characteristics that may get the attention of parents and cause them to question if their child has an exceptionally high ability to learn include:

Characteristics of Gifted Children

Early talking and reading

Advanced vocabulary and communication skills

Enjoys expressing him or herself artistically

Learns differently than other children

Has a longer attention span than same-aged peers

Retains information about what is observed and learned and has a great memory

Is challenged by problems and chooses the “road less traveled”

Loves projects that take planning and time

Very goal oriented

Loves mastering a skill

Always wants to know “why”

Enjoys the company of adults and older children

Sensitive to dishonesty and injustice

There are several excellent websites offering advice and resources for the parents of gifted children. The list below includes some of the larger national sites and some great local resources but is by no means exhaustive.
by Jen Baker | January 12, 2019

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